Petra Albrektson, Head of Talent & Creative

Petra grew up on an island just next to the center of Stockholm called Lidingö. Or, well, grew up is a matter of big dispute, no one really seems to know how old Petra is. Some say she is a supercentenarian with the wisdom of 110 years or more, while others would argue her age being no more than approximately 8 or maybe 10. With creativity like that, how can she be more than a mere child, they say. The truth is she’s probably somewhere in between because both parties are right—Petra has a unique skill set; being both wise like an old book and creative as a Toca Boca app.

That skill set, together with her other powers, such as being a supertaster and a doctor (kind of) has given Petra a fantastic career in advertising and earned her a spot together with the most awarded creatives in Sweden.

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Hanna Björk, CEO & Creative

Hanna grew up in the stable, raised by horses, where she learned to handle unruly mares and big ego-stallions. A talent that comes in handy as the Executive Creative Director at one of Sweden’s biggest agencies.

A personal coach once said that it is strange that Hanna works as a creative when in fact she has an accountant’s personality. But Hanna was only flattered, in her mind being an accountant is something really cool, which might explain her unusually strong interest in the periodic system. She knows it all.

After working with some really big clients, as a creative leader at Åkestam Holst and earning a heavy stack of awards from all the big award shows, she has proven that even an accountant can be a world-class creative.

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Petter Esbjörnsson, Copywriter

Petter grew up to a mighty 168 cm above sea level in the small coastal town of northern Sweden called Sundsvall. Or “The capital of the north” if Petter gets to choose.

When people refer to Petter as a sun among people they don’t mean his short – slightly sun-shaped stature or his light skin, not even his round glittering eyes in his equally round head. The feeling of sun comes from his shining positivity and the warmth that radiant from it. Petter is a very big human being in a very small body. He brings a lot of joy and generosity to the table –never hesitant to contribute with his time or thoughts. And that round head of his, harbor a brain fast enough to leave the latest Intel processor behind – sad and jealous.

Carrying with him a dream of becoming a poet, an aaartist, a musician or a dancer of electronic music – it was only his equally big taste for exclusive wrist watches and his curiousness of other capitals* that made his artistically crafted words find their way to Berghs school of communication in Stockholm instead of a basement writers den in Gothenburg.

Petter has many fine qualities, and maybe those are what once made him a hotshot insurance salesman? Maybe those earned him the epithet: The first (dude) feminist of northern Sweden or maybe they made us think he would fit right in at our place? We believe so. Because as an agency – we would like to be exactly as embracing as Petter is.

*Like; real capitals. Of countries.

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Emma Gunnarsson, Project Manager

Emma, a distant cousin to Superman, grew up on a farm based in Småland, @Planet Earth. As a small child – strolling around on the flower-covered meadows, Emma dreamt about being a florist and didn’t reflect much over her superhuman abilities. Being both constructive, disciplined and very caring (she still is), Emma wanted to plant and nourish flowers to grow into something fantastic. But as she grew older, her powers grew with her, and when she could hear patterns and nuances in the chatter of sheep and horses, she knew not only what they were talking about – but also that she had a gift. You see, Emma’s hearing is fundamentally different from that of other humans – right up there with bats, dogs, and other animals.

With powers like that Emma went out in the world, looking for a purpose. She worked random jobs, lived in Australia a good while – talking to every sheep she could find, went to florist school, worked as a florist a couple of years – before finding herself traveling around Sweden sanitizing radioactive material. But. It wasn’t what she was looking for. Things were just a bit too unorganized, there was no plan, not a clear goal – and that’s just pure Kryptonite for a person like Emma.

Things did, however, take a turn for the better when Emma was introduced to the branded experience business, and later on advertising at one of the biggest agencies in Sweden – DDB. Luckily for us, Emma’s old floral-dreams about growing something from start eventually pushed her to Round & Round. And wow(!) – are we happy to have a project manager that hear everything and never misses a thing.

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Sofie Gustafsson, PR Director

Sofie grew up on stage. Literally – her father managed a theater where she and her 3 siblings shared and fought for space, practiced and performed day and night. The family’s pets – birds, hamsters, and stick-insects acted as a rather tired, and demanding audience, teaching Sofie showbiz the hard way. Sofie had done her 10.000 hours at 8 yo and grew out of the mid-size town of Lidköping at the age of 9. She wanted more. She left eventually, to the world, aiming to be a professional dancer on the biggest stages. She lived in Barcelona, Tokyo, and NYC before an unfortunate injury abruptly altered her goals.

Her long experience with eager siblings, rude hamsters, ungrateful stick-insects and cultural differences from around the world, has not only taught Sofie about the power of a good performance but also earned her a unique sensibility for how people feel, their needs and what makes them tick. That curiosity about people, took her to Stockholm University to study journalism thinking journalism was also a stage of some sort. It took her to a PR-agency, where showbiz, culture and behavior science met. And it took her to us, where she performs at the highest level every day, every step of the way. We applaud her for it, (and ourselves for hiring her).

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Henrik Hallberg, Head of PR Strategy

Henrik grew up a very happy child, way down south in Sweden. Happy—because down south, it was close to everything young Henrik loved. In the sports fanatic, music loving brain of Henrik all the awesomeness of the world was just a border away. No surprise then that he moved to London as soon as the law admitted it—a heaven on earth where you could go to a Premier League game in the afternoon and pick up the next big thing in music in the evening.

Another move from Henrik—failing to surprise if you have ever heard him actually do music or seen him do any kind of sport—was his decision to let his two big hobbies stay hobbies and go to business school. But not for long, after a master’s degree in business marketing from Lund University combined with a talent for communication, he found himself working his way up in the record industry. Doing what he loved, he did really good and was soon offered a job as a PR-strategist at world-renowned Jung Relations, who just happened to work with a big sports brand like Adidas.

Henrik is a man who backs what he loves and what he believes in. Right now he strongly believes that there is room for a new kind of agency, where a combination of PR-strategy, advertising creativity, and pop-culture can meet. And no surprise there—being Henrik he founded an agency doing just that, thinking it will work out. Like it usually does.

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Marie Höglin, CFO & Executive Producer

Marie grew up in a solitary camp for pedantic small girls on the High Coast of northern Sweden. In the camp, she learned how to make everyone stay in line, do meticulous excel sheets, troubleshooting, shot put and shoot a handgun with the skill of a marksman. That’s a lot of shooting for a small girl, but Marie has probably never been very small, and not very normal either. Marie is a person who can solve any problem, manage any difficult task (or person) and prepare a ten-course dinner at the same time. Or build a brick wall.

(Ok, not entirely true. She didn’t grow up in a camp.)

Marie has a major in business economics, she has been a producer and an account director for more than 20 years, the last 15 at Åkestam Holst, leading every project with the same energy and care she shows for everything she has ever done. Never missing out. That’s just her. The Marie.

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August Laustsen, Art Director

August grew up in the world’s most livable city in the world’s most happy country. Being the son of a graphic designer and a cinematographer he had a more creative childhood than most of us dream of. August rode a bike to football practice, to school, or wherever he went. He breathed clean air and waved to other happy citizens, it was all great.

That’s the wonderful place August decided to leave, and that’s when this bio about him die. I mean, who is this man? He spent his childhood dreaming of being an athlete but spends most of his adult life sitting on his butt. He’s a keen lean rock climber but he’s, as keenly, fostering his growing beer belly. He’s a kind looking, fair speaking Dane – listening to angry foul speaking rap music. He left Denmark. He says he’s a safety-seeker but, duh, he loves mistakes. And danger.

Is he just plain crazy or curious beyond reason, irrational or just super focused on getting the most out of life, is he all over the place or just aiming for the best place? We don’t know – but we choose the positive angle, because (we think) we know August, and (we think) we love him. He was after all our first intern. And, his constant search for the better, makes him the star Art Director he is today.

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Jacob Stjärne, Business director and Head of Strategy

Jacob grew up with an older and a younger sister in a pietistic and quiet non-conformist home. With an aversion for silence from birth, the stillness of home didn’t really suit Jacob that well and drove him into the waiting arms of the local cantor. And singing (among other things – opera) is only one of the many things Jacob can do. You see, with a hunger to speak a lot, you have to know a lot.

And Jacob does know a lot, being a really fast learner his head is filled with more knowledge than most people, more than most dictionaries and way more than the early Internet he once wrote a book about.

It’s easy to joke about Jacob and the way he always talks a lot, but if you listen you will learn to appreciate, the quality of sound leaving Jacob. He is in many ways the smartest person you will ever meet and also a lover of great ideas, a combination that has made him one of the most awarded people in effectiveness awards. A dream support for any creative, any client and any agency. Especially ours.

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Erik Ström, copywriter & filmmaker

Erik grew up in a place called Sandviken, somewhere north of Stockholm. The place is too small to be called a town but big enough for the diverse mix of a big innovative industry, a symphonic orchestra, and a world-class bandy team. Erik had a brother who is now a sister, and a mother that changed career when she was 60+, so in the world of Erik change has always been possible and highly positive.

Talking to Erik can be a little bit of a challenge – you never know if he is about to fall asleep from boredom or fall apart from dislike. His sullen teenage expression is often mistaken for resenting and if you are a sensitive soul you might even think Erik is a source of bad atmosphere – but nothing can be more wrong. Because behind those stubborn, doglike eyes hides not only the kindest of souls but also a brain working to crack every problem and a mind believing that just about anything can be solved and everything can be done. By him. Self. You see – Erik is one of those “new” multi-tasking creative talents who make any agency with a staff of more than two people, think about downsizing.

When Erik is not at the agency he writes, edits, create layouts, films and take photos for his own magazine “Bandyportföljen” (Translates into something like “The Bandy bag”) which describes pretty well what Erik can do, as well as his view on a traditional ad-agency set up. And we agree with Erik, those old ways need change; our business needs to be more inclusive, flexible and fast.

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Andreas Ullenius, ECD & Creative

Andreas grew up in the forests of Jämtland, up north in Sweden—close to a river, far from everything else. Without any toys to speak of, except for sticks and rocks he found buried in the moss or by the side of the river, he grew not only very impatient but also somewhat creative. It was either that or wither away.

A few years later he found himself in a similar situation at the advertising agency, Åkestam Holst, based in Stockholm, Sweden. Only this time it was not so much wither away, but more being swiped away by his fiercely talented colleagues. Without any formal education in advertising but highly experienced in the art of sticks and rocks he grew fond of alternative marketing. Marketing that often distinguished itself by being of actual use to people. Realising that people wanted to engage in advertising if it was something else—something meaningful—made him dig deeper.

Several years, awards and failures later he is now one of the proud founders of the PR/advertising/content agency Round & Round.

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